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Thoughtfully renovated from an industrial light, this steel and aluminium desk lamp invokes the past while not seeming out of place in the present.


The structure of the lamp is all industrial, from it's solid machined steel base, extending through the steel arms, and is finished with a avant garde, fluted reflector. The bottom of the steel base is finished with a red felt to protect any surface it is placed on.


Totally rebuilt with new wiring and the addition of an inline on/off switch, this is a totally unique design. PAT tested.


When extended it reaches 900mm; folded 525mm and weighs in at 4kg in total.


ps - It's not a lamp without a bulb, so we supply you a brand new one.
Please Note - any item, lighting or otherwise, has been correctly wired, and then PAT tested by an authorised technician.

Desk Lamp, Articulated

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