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Popular from the early 1950's this radiant heat lamp has been carefully converted into a stylish Retro table lamp.


A heavy cast iron base supports a wide aluminium reflector, which carries an candle type, warm white LED bulb, and lits from the base to separate the two halves.


On the underside of the base is red felt to prevent scratching table tops etc.


The reflector part of the lamp can be removed by simply lifting it upwards from the base. Please bear this in mind if children are present.


Supplied with a sage green, twisted, cloth covered cable measuring 1.7m, and an inline rocker switch for ease of use.


Height - 480mm

Width - 266mm (measured at reflector)


ps - It's not a lamp without a bulb, so we supply you a brand new one.

Please Note - any item, lighting or otherwise, has been correctly wired, and then PAT tested by an authorised technician.


Free UK Delivery during February

Lamp, Retro Conversion PR01

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