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Towel Hooks used to be so boring, but not now!


Polished stainless steel, so no chance of rusting, stylish and not confined to the bathroom. They can be used anywhere, indoors or outside, where you need to hang something. They can even be used at the stables for bridles, head collars and pretty much anything you think of.


Each set features two safety stirrups mounted on a polished stainless steel mounting, and fixings are supplied with each set.


Large : W330 x 170 x 160mm, approx.

Medium : W250 x 140 x 135mm, approx

Small : W200 x 120 x 120mm, approx


** please note - the W measurements of 300, 250 & 200 are the entire width of the design, while the other figures given relate to the size of the stirrups used, and these may vary according to the manufacturer, so please use these for guidance only *

Towel Hooks, Stirrup Irons

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